. Walking in the calling.

Sometimes its hard only because our enemy can get us. His trickery
Is so messed up he can get its before we even know he got us.
His lies bring us down he is very strong. But have joy because it he is after you your saved. Just knowing can help you have joy and feel Gods love. His awesome power is greater than any experience I,be ever had. I can understand how King David must have felt when he wrote the psalms. Lord I know my sin how it can get me sideways without me when realizing it. It’s only when I step back and take a good look when I realize that it got me. I am just a man lord a lowly man.
I need you more with each passing day. My own thing got me here.
It’s a downfall we have because of sin I am thankful that we have one
That sits at the right hand of the Father to pray for us. One that lived among us. In so glad he knows how hard it is for us. He it’s the only one that could do what he had to do. I used to have thoughts
About that when I was young I wanted to be Special in someone’s eyes
Guess what I am in Gods eyes just as each and every person in this world. Three nails and a tree tell us how special we are how precious.
Only God can take us through the refiners fire. It’s only God that can change the heart of a man. We are strong it takes a lot to let some one hit you and not retaliate. It takes much to pray for someone
That wants to destroy your life. I cannot imagine how it was for Paul
when he walked this earth. We have so much more guidance with media to alert us of trouble that brothers and sisters are going through around the world. I am a Marter that walked this earth to share.
If we look deep in our hearts we can see what our flesh desires.
Then we can pray for help it’s hard to pray for something you don’t realize needs prayer for. This is the reason we need a Savior. Not because we can’t hang in life but because our realization that we can.
I can remember as a child I never wanted to nor did I have those desires to steal. Without even my knowledge I had Gods Commandments.
I love his teaching so very much his ways are much higher than my ways. Every thing about him is greater than anything that I am or could be. Good had so much more love for us these words do not even begin to shed light on it. As a father my heart has been so trampled on I can’t even tell you much pain I’m in over it. If I start thinking about it I cry I,ve cried out to God. This issue has tore me up inside so much I only want to be with him. Why am I still here I was at deaths for twice in my life. When I was hit by a car in 2004 I was in critical condition put on life support in a coma. My start in the hospital was for over a month. I could not talk bout speak I remember nurses coming in the room and caring for me. Little bits and pieces of that experience. Like mom being there my brothers and sisters were there to just don’t remember them. I didn’t even know where I was for about a month. I see in the news little being hit by a car that is probably moving slower and they are killed. That’s why I ask why am I still here. Now do you believe in miracles because I’m a walking talking miracle. Twice God has saved me in that way. His love is a great treasure that no man can take from you. If you feel like the church has betrayed you. I know that God did not his love
is always been for you. His thoughts far exceeds the thoughts of a man. Any religion that seeks to serve without love is not in him.
If your taught to hate your neighbor how much greater then is it to love your neighbor. I am asked all the time about how come I did not get a settlement well because I gave it to God. I bear the marks of the cross. Things that have happened have strengthened my faith and not tore it down. How wonderful God is when everything seems so bleak
His Grace and mercy all he is combined to fill us with joy unspeakable
I cherish every moment with him not because of anything except my connection I feel with him right now it feels like we are one. I may not speak much in a church because I have not found one that wants me in it yet. Except for the one in in with My Savior. I have found what’s more important is working on this relationship than attending a building.
When you are Redeemed you know that.
I struggled for a few years with that one because of men and what the buildings teach. Get connected yes I desire that more than anything. But when that’s where you get persecuted
Tore down why. I’ve reached a place where I need to be lifted up Built up.
I’ve prayed for Gods Strength many times. The first time I really understood it was God talking to me.
Because I prayed and was so tore up
After my family was taken from me the battle I fought was not flesh and bones
Buy spiritual wickedness in high places.
Against the rules of this dark world.
I never knew I was spiritual until I was saved. What a revelation this had been. Every time I think about it I get excited.


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